Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ton-Up! {Personal}

This is my motorcycle.  I love my motorcycle.

I'm posting this because:
a.) it's nice out, so I got to ride.
b.) who doesn't like looking at cool motorcycles?
c.) even though this is my "work" blog, no one reads it anyway.

Also, I have a cousin and uncle in Ireland who are big into motorcycles, and I thought I'd give them a glimpse of the beast.  (Hi Keith + Dave!)

It's a 2004 Triumph Thruxton that I bought used a few years ago with 4000 miles on it.  I love the "cafe racer" aesthetic of this bike.  It's like it was transported directly from a bygone era, an era that was rad.

I just painted my exhaust black, and the headlight bucket and wheels are next up on the agenda.  I also plan on installing some fork gaiters and black header wrap.  It's really tough for me to find the time to work on the bike, only because I'd much rather be riding it.  


  1. Nice Ride. I just noticed that you commented on my blog a couple times. Thanks man. I think nobody is looking at it either.

  2. haha, thanks. (I look at your blog all the time, great stuff.)